Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010

New York
Blue Voyage

Welcoming a new year for me means list of new places to discover! This is my New Year resolutions. Well I also plan not to eat too much bread, do more yoga, finish the books I have started etc but planning a travel is the one I enjoy most!

Again I am planning my travels for 2010. This is something I love. I guess maybe even more than the actual travel! Could that be possible? In every step of life I enjoy planning or I enjoy until I actually do it! I really enjoy the joy of preparing for something, getting so excited for it rather than being in that moment. I hope I am not missing something huge by doing that. If so it’s too late anyway. It’s like I enjoy cooking so much but when the food is ready I am already full! You know what I mean.

Today again I started planning the travel for whole year. Last year I spent two weeks in Bali and I fell in love with it. So I put it again on top of the list. Kenya is second. This year I want to see Africa. I feel it. I am ready for it! New York is a continuous love story. I can go there again and again. Istanbul, Helsinki is anyway in the list as default destinations and a Blue Voyage… aghh I love Blue Voyage!

Lets see if I’ll have time to do all!

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