Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Girls Power

Girlfriends! I can not imagine a life without girlfriends! And whenever girls got together, believe me, some good things happen!

In Dubai we have this fantastic group of ladies who are supporting each other at all times. Do you need a tailor, what is the best hospital in town; do you need something from Istanbul? Just drop an e-mail to the group, Sultans of Dubai, and answer is just few clicks away. Isn’t that fantastic?

Well, it may sound strange but when you live abroad, this feeling of friendship is something you definitely look for.

5 years ago 7 women had the idea of this simple yahoo-group and now we are 491 Sultans! Sultans of Dubai have been organizing several charity events past two years that I also had a chance to participate and were able to donate 35 KUSD to several different foundations in Turkey.

I call this “The Girls Power” and happy to be a part of a such good cause.

The other day, we got together with Sultans on a Tuesday breakfast. Another lovely Dubai day! We had our morning coffees over looking at the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and brain storm what can we do this year. I like the idea of organizing a April 23rd events, that’s the Children’s Day in Turkey. I’ll keep you posted.

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