Monday, January 25, 2010

Luxurious Golf*

Did you know that, 2,800,059 liter of water is used every day just to keep ONE golf course green in Dubai? Knowing that there are TEN top class clubs in town, the amount of water consumed here probably can easily be the solution of ‘dry’ African countries. Only this argument can be the good reason not to play golf but unfortunately one has to sacrifice one way or another.

I started to play golf when I moved to Dubai. I can’t help myself because golf courses are the only green areas you can find in this yellow toned city.

Dubai has the best climate for golf lovers. Sunshine, all year! Even too much sometimes, like summer time! If you have a chance to avoid July and August, you can enjoy the green as much as you can.

In my case, I am privileged to spend my summertime in Turkey and in Finland, for the rest of the time I love spending time at Montgomerie Golf Club, closest to my home. I can not say that I am already a Pro. Actually you really have to practice golf if you want to have some consistency in your stroke and swing but who cares. Like I said for me the most important thing is that I can fell the chilled grass and smell of the green after the ‘rain’ or water showers!

Last weekend Abu Dhabi Golf Championship took place and we had a chance to follow Mikko Ilonen, from Finland. I love to follow golf competitions because they really do not seem like a competition! Gentlemen’s sport! Competitors talk to each other or with the audiences during the game but when it’s the time for the play then everybody stand still and just follow the player. After the 9th hole, we decided to take a small ‘bubbly break’ as it was getting very warm and then followed the rest of the games from the Bubbly Bar and from the grass area near by the 18th hole.

Highlights of the tour for me; I met my all time favorite player Johan Edfors from Sweden and got a ball after the game and ‘Spider Man’ Camilo Villegas, 27 year old Colombian was worth to see with his signature putting style.

* Luxurious Golf was the header of my husband’s article at Golf-Digest Magazine Finland.

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  1. I tried to play Golf couple of years back, it is a really nice sport, but after playing squash for many years Golfing is really slow for me:)) I don't mind playing it further my age though:)