Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dubai Invasion

Imagine Dubai is occupied by space knights? Or you bump into an alien creatures round the corner while you’re just on your way to a supermarket?

Thanks to Paris based photographer Cédric Delsaux who did bring science-fiction and reality together in his digital photographs now I can figure how it would look like if Dubai was occupied by Star Wars characters.

At his solo photographic exhibition “The Dark Lens – The Dubai Invasion’ Delsaux uses Star Wars statues with Dubai's real-world locations and works George Lucas’ special effect model makers and his images become the most futuristic photographs I have ever seen.

I believe Dubai is one of the best location for his work as it has it’s own characteristic locations with unfinished skyscraper constructions, a creaky hotel building (which took almost 6 months to tear down) or huge metro construction. Locations not easy to find in modern built-in cities which would easily transform to a imaginary modern “a space-like” living platform. Actually when I first saw the photographs at The Empty Quarter Art Gallery, I fell in love with all of them. And they didn’t seem imaginary at all even at first sight! They looked so real and so familiar.

A futuristic Dubai from Cédric Delsaux lenses was at The Empty Quarter Art Gallery until Jan 3rd’2010.

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