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Emotional Intelligence; Is It an Advantage of Successful Business Women?

Since the day I have read this article about Guler Sabanci, I can’t stop asking myself; is the `Emotional Intelligence` key to success of women in business world?
One of her interviews, Guler Sabanci mentioned that `Emotional Intelligence` is the key of successful business women. The interview was published in one of the bestselling newspapers of Austria, Kurier on Sunday Aug 2nd and Guler Sabanci, Chairman and Managing Director of one of the Turkey’s leading industrial and financial holding Sabanci Group, was mentioned as one of the most powerful women worldwide.
Guler Sabanci; Turkey’s Queen of finance according to Financial Times, ranked as 5th Financial Times top 50 women in world business; answered a question `How she could succeed in the male dominant business world?` which was directed during her interview:
“I grew up in a family where the members talked about business while eating. I assumed positions in the production and organization following my university education. However, the point is, to do the best way that what is to be done, and to focus on success. In business life, women are not better or worse than men. But women are simply different. I am of the opinion that it is an advantage for the women that they have more emotional intelligence.”

Emotional Intelligence have been described as being concerned and effectively understanding oneself and others by Dr. Reuven Bar-On at the beginning of 1980’s attracted more attention when the psychologist, science journalist Daniel Goleman published his New York Times bestselling book “Emotional Intelligence” in 1995. Although the original definition of emotional intelligence is conceptualized as a set of interrelated abilities by Mayer & Salovey, there are many different opinions and overly broad and wide range of definitions available. In practice, emotional intelligence is the ability to understand and feel the senses and act, not only with the facts but also with emotions. Emotional intelligence is not a naturally born ability, it’s possible to enhance and develop emotional intelligence with education, social and family relationships, unlike the Intelligence Quotient (IQ).
According to a research on emotional intelligence, people with high emotional intelligence tend to be more socially competent, to have better quality relationships and to be viewed as more interpersonally sensitive than those lower in emotional intelligence. High emotional intelligence correlates better relationships on business setting as well. Managers higher in emotional intelligence are better able to cultivate productive working relationships with others and demonstrate greater personal integrity. (Mayer & Caruso, 2008) Concept of Emotional Intelligent is now in many different platforms of modern life. It’s widely considered from personal and social relationships to business world that leaders with high emotional intelligence make better contact with the employees and considered as charismatic leaders.
Having more emotional intelligence compared to men counterpart is a valid advantage of women in business, however, it’s not the only and major key to success. If the potential is not utilized in a productive and adequate way, emotional intelligence might turn to be a disadvantage.

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