Thursday, January 14, 2010

24 Hour Dubai

Although I am not a big fun of the 24 Hour rally yet never miss a chance to take a look at a Chagall masterpiece and enjoy some bubbly. I know it sounds very confusing now. What is the connection between Marc Chagall and a rally aaand a Moet Chandon? Well, easy! If you join a rally team party at one of the international art galleries in DIFC then you meet Chagall and enjoy a glass –or two- champagne.

DIFC is Dubai’s financial district and one of my favorite place with its design stores, restaurants and art galleries. This open air place is so spacious and always nice to be outdoors even when the weather is 40+c. The Opera Gallery is in the heart of the DIFC and owns some valuables including several Marc Chagall and Pablo Picasso masterpieces as permanent exhibitions as well as international artists as temporary exhibitions.

During the party we had a chance to meet the Team First, their cars and drivers before the race which took place last weekend in Dubai. I didn’t have a chance to go to Dubai Autodrom to support the Team First but I am sure it has been a great race and some fun times for rally lovers. Also selections of BRM watches were on display but especially I loved the one that Vanessa was wearing ladies special edition full of diamonds, such an eye catching one.

Dubai is such an international and multicultural city. During the party majority of the participants were French, I guess due to Team First and Renault GCC cooperation, still I could not help but notice so many different languages and accents spoken.

After party, a DIFC must-do, we all went to Zuma to enjoy the fantastic black code and some sashimi. I’ll write about my Zuma very soon as well.

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