Monday, January 3, 2011

Farewell to Dubai

When I first arrived to Dubai, I thought that I can never live here. I thought that it’s such a soulless place and I can survive here maybe maximum two years. And then head off to somewhere else. Most likely back to home.

As they say, home is not where you’re born but where you actually live your life! Not sure if that’s what they say though but I started to feel that way! :)

By the time I live here, I realized that home is actually the place that you build your life and your network in! And Dubai became my real home. I started to enjoy every moment that I spent here and completely forgot that one day I will need to leave my home behind and move to new places.

During my three years in Dubai, I met some of the most amazing people of my life who touched my heart; who changed me and my life forever. I learned to create more time for myself, at least I tried. I found the passion of my life and became a Pilates instructor. I met so many different nationalities, cultures, many new holiday celebrations. I started admiring Japanese food and found my best restaurant ever, Nobu! I lived next to a beach and had a luxury of 365 sunny days every year :) I tried to became a citizen of the World.

Still so many things in my little black to-do list but that time has come! And now it’s my time to move away from Dubai and make that new place my next home.