Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cavalli Club Party Night

Couple of days ago I had a chance to party at Cavalli Club that I completely forgot to write about.

Cavalli Club has been in my ‘Visit List’ since the day it’s been open in May 2009 and finally I went there the other day.

Club is set at the Fairmont Hotel which is by the Sheikh Zayed Road and very famous with its unlimited Moet Chandon Friday Brunches. That’s the topic of another blog. The entrance of the club is at the back side of the hotel so you really do not see it at first. Once you get to the red carpet you can tell that you’ve arrived to Cavalli Club.

You can enter the club via the dark staircase or via the elevator with music and cat walk shows on LCD’s.

I liked giant sized the Swarowski chandeliers; they give extremely nice glamour look to the huge space. I also liked the several different lounges and bars however I can not say the same for the zebra print decoration or cowhide textures of the seating groups. That strange soft feeling irritated me a lot.

It was a very busy Friday night and I must say that all the girls were there as if they just got off from Cavalli’s catwalk at Dubai Fashion Week (!). Super mini dresses, extremely sexy tops, super high heels were worth to see. As usual there were more gentlemen then the ladies which is another very usual scene in Dubai night life.

I love fashion but when it comes to the night life I like good music and dance instead of pose and stay put. Cavalli Club is definitely a place if you like to show-off more than the partying.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Armani Hotel Visited

You would think that it would be so easy to find the entrance of the World Tallest Building, right? After all, you can even see it from 100km away. Well, I have to tell you this, when you are just too close to it, it’s extremely hard to find how to enter in it!

I went to visit Burj Khalifa the other day to check-out the Armani Hotel, which finally open it’s doors in Dubai after several changes in the opening date. It’s now available for all luxury visits The World Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa. After spending about 30 mins driving around the building, - this is too long for Dubai condititions-, managed to find the entrance of Burj Khalifa. And it was worth of all trouble. Burj Khalifa and Armani Hotel entrance is really nice with the fountains.

It’s not necessary to book a table at Armani Hotel if you’re planning to go there just for drinks however you need to have a reservation number to be able to access the building. I must say that the personel at the hotel were really nice from check-in till check out. Beautiful, model like, selective personnel however I can not tell the same for the ones who were answering the phone. When you live in Dubai too long, you get really spoiled with the quality of service. So Armani reception failed the first test.

Hotel’s decoration was fabulous. Very masculine, simple and bald lines as usual Armani Casa style. Armani Prive, the nightclub is worth to check out for it’s very impressive big Cat-Walk wall. Very stylish. Armani Delicatessen and Armani Florist are now the new fashion to make the girls happy.

I was there on a Tuesday night, to be honest there were more personnel than the guests. Although I like the hotel, it didn’t really feel like being inside the tallest building at all. I guess it’s more impressive to look at the building from a distance rather being inside of it. Still a must see masterpiece for fashion addicts.