Sunday, January 31, 2010

Scoop the belly in!

Dubai is the place that you actual can have some spare time for yourself. At least that’s what happened to me after moving here. After my busy life in Istanbul, it was fantastic to be able to do something for myself. After all I didn’t have to waste lots of time in traffic! If you think about it, I already saved at least two hours every day.

So when I had time for myself, best way to kill that is to do some exercise. I have always been a member of a fitness club in Istanbul, always paid tons of money but never been there at all. You can picture the type :) so one thing I knew that I should not go to Fitness First, one of the biggest fitness club in town.

Zen Yoga was my savior in Dubai and I met lovely yoginis and pilates junkies there and have been practicing both yoga and pilates since then. I must say that I was able to see my body changing and growing in a good way, needless to say that I also become a much calm and positive person. I am not sure if that’s the effect of the every day sunshine, lots of practice or a happy marriage :)

Last weekend I have started my Pilates Reformer Instructor journey at Zen Pilates studio. I had Reformer Level 1 Instructor Training workshop by Balanced Body University during the whole weekend and I’ll need to pass a test next weekend so that I can participate the level 2 training in April or May. It was so much fun to spend the whole day at a studio full of Pilates apparatus such as reformers, trapezes, chairs, balls etc. It was really motivating and relaxing. On the other hand it was a bit stressing to find out that teaching can be very hard and need a lot of practicing. So from now on all free time will be spent at Zen Pilates Studios at Jumeirah Town Center or Emirates Hills.

Wish me luck!

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