Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dubai Outdoor Living Continues

Living in Dubai thought me to respect the outdoors life, enjoy outdoors as much as you can, as long as it’s not yet too hot! So this week I found myself at Safa Park at the end of the Al Wasl Road. I am not a big runner, I do lots of yoga and pilates but running is so hard for me. But still I went for a nice jogging and walking at Safa Park.

Thanks to Sultans of Dubai ladies, we get together every Saturday morning and Sunday evening in front of Safa Park Gate 5 to go for a run. So this was my first time at Safa Park for running and I could not believe my eyes! So green, so fresh, such a lovely place. There was also a nice breeze and the smell of Linden Tree (Ihlamur). Not sure if there are any linden trees but it really smelled like so. After all it felt so nice to run; even the weather was 37 degrees!

Safa Park has a very nice running track; running didn’t hurt my knees and ankles at all. There were so many people running, walking, doing push-ups and so on that it was really encouraging.

We need to enjoy these last days of spring in Dubai and be outdoors as much as possible. Never too late. So I’ll go next Sunday too.

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