Thursday, April 8, 2010

Dreams of a 12 year old

I try to avoid reading all bad news in the daily news papers. Do not think that I do not care what’s going on in the world rather it’s a kind of protection mechanism of my mind. If I keep reading all these third page sad news, my days would be miserable.

Unfortunately today I could not stop reading this one when I saw the headline. The news that 12 year old Yemeni girl dies three days after her wedding day due to acute bleeding caused by sexual intercourse. She had suffered the rupture in her womb. How sad is this?

When I read this article in Gulfnews, my hands got numb and it hurt me so much. I felt the pain in my chest. And still when I’m writing about this, my hands are shaking.

She was just a kid. What happened to her dreams?

I even thought that maybe this was the best for her, I could not even imagine the pain she would have had if she had survived.

Unfortunately in this part of the world, child marriages are extremely common. As you can imagine, these children, they no not marry with their own will, obviously! But they are swapped for dowry or married to the richest man of the village so that they can live rest of their life happy (!) or just given away for some -no- reason.

When I started this blog, I promised that I’ll write only about fun stuff but today I could not stop thinking about child brides and how shallow mankind can be…

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