Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is winter really over?

Previously, did I really say that I miss winter? Well I was wrong. Apparently winter can be really boring in Dubai like any other place in the world. At least it may take really long, like this year.

It’s still winter here, can you imagine? It’s been cold, grey, rainy and sandy last couple of weeks and we had so much sand storms that our apartment is full of dust and sand even on 17th floor. So you can imagine how dusty it’s been.

Last weekend’s sandstorm was very extraordinary to me. Suddenly heat climbed up to 35c from 20c something, wind, dust and altogether. I had so much headache that it was like Lodos in Istanbul. Lodos brings the heat waves from Mediterranean and we always blame our headaches on lodos. In Dubai, sand storms bring the heat from Arabian deserts and now it was my excuse.

Rule didn’t change and after the sand storms we got heavy rain, flood waters everywhere. Air is now finally fresh, nice and mild so I am back in good mood!

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  1. I don't now how bad winter is in Dubai, but please winters are nice, aren't they. they have Christmas, Imbolc, Valentine's Day and Snow:) :How can they be bad? =)=)